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Surround, conquer, outsmart, GO!

Multiplayer board game based on Go (Weiqi, Igo, Paduk, Baduk, 圍棋, 围棋, 바둑, 囲碁, いご)


Your sector will always interact with 24 players started before and after you. Play with your friends now.

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Are you bored with war and violent games?

Discover the old and traditional GO game in a new modern way. From now on just for you, the new Okulo Zone game, tailored to play anytime, anywhere, with anyone. You can play it with friends, Facebook friends and even with people you do not know. Show everyone what a strategist you are! Start playing the Okulo Zone #game now, create your best score, and conquer the world!

Okulo Zone is INSPIRED by the 2500-year-old Chinese game called GO, also known as Weiqi or Baduk. It has similar gameplay, the main goal is to conquer your opponent and collect points. The difference is that you play in teams (red team: Fire and Earth, blue team: Air and Water). All 4 players are selecting one tile at the same time (you can’t see which tiles your opponents selected). After everyone select tile (or time elapsed), the move is executing. Beside conquering, there are also eliminations. If two players off opposite teams select the same tile, one of them is going to be eliminated and skip move, and the other takes that tile and gets points. Elimination is carried out as a rule:

-Fire is winning Air
-Earth is winning Water
-Air is winning Earth
-Water is winning Fire

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